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Man, you guys are giving me all these big terms and all these different gun names... I feel a bit lost reading the replies from some of you(I'm still new to this stuff).

I'm still curious why a longer barrel could be more accurate in the case of airsoft. I can't really think of any reasons... Provided the fps is the same, the BB has no memory of what length it traveled through before entering open air, so assuming it has already traveled long enough through the barrel to be stable when exiting, it should fly the same, shouldn't it?
Maybe longer barrow = different effect on the hop up?

Like the pressure in the barrow is different than the pressure outside(Or open air), so the bb might have more time to develop the back spin so it's spinning on the 90* rather than maybe 85* or less. If the bb's back spin isn't as close to 90* than maybe it'll roll to the side instead of rolling up...

Get what I mean?...

So here's another question:

Let say a pro sniper rifle(in the airsoft world) guy have two gun(m4/m16) infront of him, and a target is walking about 30-35 meters away. There is no wind nothing at all effecting the flight of the bb.

If you were the sniper, which gun would you pick up? And why?

Please try to keep the answer simple for me... The whole reason why I made this forum is to debate if I should add a longer barrow and a slightly different mechbox in a m4 for outdoor games, maybe it'll give me more of a sniper feel, and at the same time, I could assault in a room.
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