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I dunno, I have a TM AUG that I switch between a cut down stock barrel (really shitty crown, about 300mm, commando) and a KM 6.04 PSG-1 tightbore (factory finish, 590mm, HBAR) and there really isn't any noticeable difference, other than being a shittonne heavier and qualifying as a LSW.

One of my friend's CA36s (full length) shoots worse than another's CA36C with a K inner, both otherwise stock.

Again, it's really subjective. I have to sit down and do a proper test on paper... All other things being equal, it seems... equal in my opinion.

I'm still curious why a longer barrel could be more accurate in the case of airsoft. I can't really think of any reasons... Provided the fps is the same, the BB has no memory of what length it traveled through before entering open air, so assuming it has already traveled long enough through the barrel to be stable when exiting, it should fly the same, shouldn't it?

*I brought up the VSR and Mk23 to show proportionally, just how important everything OTHER than the barrel length was in getting an accurate gun.
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