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I actually have a different take on this.

You can actually start out with a decent setup for $600. Sure you won't have as much stuff but you can eventually buy more stuff with your paycheques.

Decent AEG $400
AEG package (mags, battery, optics etc.) ~$550-600

Gear $50-1000 (depending on what you want/get)

You can pretty much start out with a gun and some basic *quality* equipment and slowly buy more and more stuff.

I understand you're getting AV'ed so don't think about buying any guns before getting AV'ed, it's like a candy store in there. However you can probably start looking for some gear (I assume you already have a mask so that's $40 less dollars to spend) BDU's, some sort of load bearing equipment if you're planning on running realcap, or lowcap magazines, etc.

I have found however if you don't have certain pieces of equipment you can ask around and borrow other peoples extra gear (eg. if you forgot your mask or barrel condom at home).

Half the fun is tinkering around with your guns so don't be afraid to innovate and try and find a way to do something about your battery problem or storage of something you need.
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