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Originally Posted by M4-Tactical View Post
I'm not new to airsoft. I've not played in "real" games, mostly just friends with the cheap Crappy Tire/Walmart clear stuff.

I'm an ex-paintballer where I have played competitively.

I am aware of different brands that make an M4, but I'm really picky on what I want.

Basically, from an M4, this is what I want:

- Collapsible Stock
- Front Rails
- Hidden battery (no rail-mounted batteries, I want the battery to be internal)
- All-metal, or close to it
- $300 - $500 price range
- Upgradeable
- Blowback preferred, but not necessary

Models of considered, in order of preference (based on the specs I've researched):

Tokyo Marui M4 SopmoD
Echo 1 Stag Arms M4 A1 Carbine (Metal Body)
Classic Army M15A4 URX
Classic Army M15A4 RIS

I'm just looking to be pointed in the right direction in terms of buying an M4 AEG.

Any help is appreciated.

First off, if you've never played a real game with real airsoft guns (not the shitsoft from Canadian Tire), yes, you are new... and you're in for a real treat .

Second, if you want full metal.. you're looking at a minimum of $500 for the gun alone. That doesn't count the battery ($30-$50), charger ($50+), magazines, and gear. If your "gun budget" is $500, set aside about another $200-$300 for kit.

Third, Classic Army is win. If you're setting your sights there, don't settle for anything lower.

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