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Yes, of course...sight radius is negated by optics...the guy didn't specify accessories, just wanted to know the difference between the two rifles. Iron sights do come into play when optics fail, batteries die, WWII games, etc...

Hmm...I would agree with the short, fat barrel thing for major caliber (and I guess rimfires as well..) centerfire rounds. I used to shoot PPC with a 20" full diameter barrel. 22-26" standard taper seemed just about right for .308 out to 800...32" was superb at 1000 (but hard to fit in a case).

I'm not convinced that barrel harmonics play such a role with airsoft rifles.

Pneumatic rifles with heavy barrels tend to derive their benefit from the added front weight that acts to stabilize the system and retard movement errors that come from holding the rifle. Not too many Anchutz rifles out there with 1" zero taper barrels...and if that's what was demanded by the guys who shot that type of stuff, it'd be "fat & short" on their production rifles.

The basic premise with the OP question was "all things being equal"...and to that tune I figured that at the muzzle both rifles shot the same velocity. With the longer barrel (assuming bore diameters to be the same)...I'm still convinced that the longer barrel will result in a smaller target group at any distance compared to a shorter barrel.

Is there a lower end to your reasoning (i.e. how short can a barrel be)? If an M4 and an MP5 both shoot 300fps at the muzzle....and if all their parts are comparable...just the inner barrels are different...would the M4 not shoot more accurately?

Innately, does a 3.5" detonics GBB shoot more accurately than a 5" 1911 GBB?

Excuse my ignorance...I know what lock time is, but what's "dwell time"? Honestly not familiar with the term.

I'm also completely ignorant of painball there backspin imparted on the paintball by some physical mechanism in the paintball gun?

Maybe dumb it down a bit for me or put it in layman's terms...I'm ok with being wrong.

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