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I'm 99.99% sure it's a standard ICS M4 mechbox.

The last 0.01% is that I've never handled that specific model.

The ICS M4 mechbox is a "split mechbox" design. The lower part (gears, motor, switch, trigger) are held in the lower receiver...the upper part has the cylinder & related parts, spring, etc.

Put the two together and you end up with a standard "Version 2" mechbox. The split design allows you to take just the upper mechbox out (takes about 15 sec) and drop in a different one (typically at a different power level....or to replace a stripped piston quickly at a game). With a "traditional" version've got to take the whole rifle apart, take the mechbox apart, swap the parts and reassemble the whole thing just to test (takes a lot of time in comparison).

Aside from one or two specific ICS parts...the mechbox can use standard V2 parts. Several version 3 parts are compatible with version 2. (Lots more info elsewhere on around on here and other forums)

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