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Originally Posted by Trapper1 View Post
You could go check out the store at xtreme tactics in winnipeg. There are quite a few different models on display for sale (mostly AR's) and in the employee's private collections (the owners in particular) that they would likely be more than happy to let you handle if you ask, and get a feel for what suits your situation. Also i would go plastic to save weight.
I think I will do that! I haven't actually gone since they started retailing. Its worth a check . Thanks for the thought!

More questions...

I have thought a bit and I would like to think more closely about a g36.I was wonder on the G36 variants, is the difference in accuracy between the shorter barrel of a g36c vs. a g36k noticeable? Or is it purely cosmetic?

Once again, thanks to everyone for their replies! I really appreciate the passion and enthusiasm you all put into airsoft and these forums!
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