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Originally Posted by ShelledPants View Post
Hop doesn't effect bb's until about 30feet out... which is about 10 meters.

My suggestion.

1. Get a straight area to the target of about 75feet (20M)
2. Adjust your hop so that the BB will curve upwards a bit before hitting the target, don't bother with your iron sights yet.
3. When you get the bb flying straight-ish with the hop. Adjust your irons until your bb strikes where you aim with the irons.
4. Now adjust your red dot so that when looking through the rear sight, you can see the red dot in line with the front sight.
5. Now when you look over your rear sight, your red dot will be above your front sight, but should still be on target with where you are aiming.
The sad part is, I already saw off the front sight because the scope was too low compare to the front and rare sight's line of sight.

Is there something else I could do?
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