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Best gun for plinking if you want the best range and accuracy would be a TM M14 or TM M16. I think the M14 would serve you better IMHO. They both have long inner barrels and the M14 shoots rather high for a stock TM gun.

If you want a BA, i recommend either a TM VSR-10 or a Tanaka Gas BA of some sort (Like the L96 or Remington 700 series). In terms of accuracy, the TM would be more consistent and can be used in all weather. However the Tanaka rifles are powerful and very accurate as well. You just cant use them in cold weather. Personally, my friend and i were pegging bottle caps with my Tanaka Kar98k. But one could do it with a stock TM VSR-10. Either way, you will need to get age verified if you want access to any of these.
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