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I switched to a Serpa...but there's a bit of work to do.
- you need a rounded trigger guard. Either switch to a TanioKoba or similar tactical grip (which are very nice)...or if you're cheap and adventurous like me, just round off the trigger guard and sand it smooth. My first attempt isn't perfect, but it's decent. It's a lot of if you're brave, mark out the profile, trim with a saw/sander/dremel. You're not going for thin...just the same thickness of the bottom of the trigger guard, all the way around until it tapers up at the frame.
- you need to taper/file/chamfer some of the opening area around the top of the holster. Especially where the mag release button is. Nothing serious and nothing a good file can't do. Test fit, note contact, file, repeat. Took me 10min and I was going really slow.

It'll be a little tight (or at least mine was) at first, but after a bit it's slick as butter.

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