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Originally Posted by T-Hell View Post
Cabellas... Policies....??? well hmmmm

so there are further reaching issues....
Yes there are the issues of kids getting their hands on guns, and unfortunately ASC has no control over their sales policies, what we do have control over is the stance we take on underage airsofting, WE DO NOT SUPPORT IT.

I don't care how heart-warming it feels to think of these brats as the future of airsoft, when you bend the rules for one impatient little mongrel, it's a slap in the face to everyone who's ever waited till they were 18 and those who are still waiting now.

Originally Posted by Jobbo_Fett View Post
We still don't know his actual age, and building a field doesn't happen overnight.
He said hes younger than 15, which is too young to be playing airsoft, much less building a field where your other underaged friends can play at.

Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
Was this thread started in Off-Topic? It should've been in Newbie Tank and closed after a strongly worded warning about underaged airsoft.
Thank you.

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