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Originally Posted by SilentStriker View Post
Well thats good to know about the JG anyways...

Never having shot a bullpup, Im not really sure what to think of P90 / Famas... Im sure I could get used to it. I was under the impression that the Famas was a fairly long gun. Is this true?

Also, I have thought about a shortened M4... but I think it too expensive and heavy, even though it would be nice.

I have another question in this circumstance:

Given that they are the same price, would it be better to buy a new JG gun, or a slightly used/well cared for Marui/CA ?
Definitely go for a well cared for Marui or CA. Most people on the forums take good care of their weapons, and you score a chance of getting your hands on a properly upgraded gun for a good price. As for your weight dilemma, what about a G36C? Many different companies make them, Including Marui, CA, Jing Gong, and Echo 1. I've held a CA G36C before and it felt reasonably light. Plus, in can be used with a variety of different kits, and as an added bonus, if down the road your condition improves and you want a longer gun, swapping out the inner and outer barrel for a longer one is a snap.
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