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Originally Posted by Jobbo_Fett View Post
I never said host, and I expect him to play when he's AV'ed or no longer a minor. Plus, hosting a game shows you can be responsible, as long as everything is well regulated and fair.

Although as I've stated before, I don't see a problem with him building the field, which is what this thread was all about when it started, playing is a different matter.
I see what your saying. And if he was 17 and had 2-3 months to go I'd have no problem at all with this whole thing but as he refuses to say his age that only say's he's <15 yrs. And Frankly a child playing (which he will, his parent's will probably buy any gun for him he wants) is strongly discouraged and giving them instructions on how to build a place to play is only helping them play.
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