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Lightbulb The right gun for me... ?

Hello and thank you for reading my post. I am in the process of trying to decide upon my first "real" airsoft gun and was hoping for some feedback.

First of all, you must understand my dilemma. Several years ago, I was diagnosed with a fairly serious back condition; this will surely effect me if I try to carry a heavy object (ie airsoft gun) for a long period of time (ie a game).

However, I am not willing to sacrifice the realistic nature of airsoft. I would like to get into a more realistic feeling kit and would like to purchase as close to real steel as my budget allows...

This is my basic criteria:

1. Usable for CQB / Outdoor
2. Somewhat realistic(not perfect, but okay...)
3. Affordable (300-400 dollars)
4. Lighter/Manuverable Enough for my back. (Ie: An M4 is too heavy)
5. Upgradeable

My playing style is generally fast paced.Im not very trigger happy and I like to play tactically...

Some ideas I have had :

-Mp5 series (TM or CA)
-AK Series w/folding stock (weight?)
-Other SMG; suggestions?

Also, I have entertained a GBB pistol... would this be feasible?

-I have my eye on Hi Cappa's or a 1911

Thank you for your input, it is appreciated. Unless it is sarcastic; I will be sarcastic right back!
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