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Originally Posted by JattSoorma View Post
So having low fps isnt really bad? It's more about the quality of the airsoft?
Look at my sig. See the Mp5 and the Famas. The Mp5 is TM and the Famas is Chinese Clone. The Mp5 shoots about 260-270 like the previous post says and the Famas shoots 330 fps. The Famas has a 472mm barrel and the Mp5 a 141mm
barrel. Yet the Mp5 is more accurate at 150 feet. The opposite should be true but the Marui quality is unsurpassed. I believe the Marui hop-up is the reason the Mp5 just throws one bb after another in straight trajectory. The Famas while shooting harder and having more "gross" range is not controllable at longer ranges.

Plus the TM has 30 or 40 thousand shots through it with no problems(knock wood). I'll be surprised if the ACM Famas gets anywhere near that.

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