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Well, to add my two cents,

I'm first off rather appalled at the responses of some of the ASC members. Some of the guys complaining here seem rather immature themselves and I'd question whether their more mature then the 15 year olds that I see play at Ambush Anonymous. From my experience with operating Ambush Anonymous for 2 years, I've seen more 18+ participants doing stupid things to get kicked off then people under 18. I've actually never had to pull anyone aside that was underage however 18+ there are plenty of guys that I've had to talk to. So you guys, as much as you dislike the underage kids playing airsoft, you will need to accept it because were only going to get more. The one thing I do agree is that kids should not be allowed to purchase any airsoft guns, and I'm sure some slip by at Cabelas but for the most part their pretty strict on their policy. And as long as this kid is playing on his own property out of sight of others I don't think anyone would have a problem with that as long as every kid has permission to play from their parent and the parents are fully aware of what airsoft entails and the potential dangers it poses.

And in reply to the very first post (the actual topic of this thread). I do suggest you come check out our field Our latest event pics are here assualt 2009/ . You can probably get a good idea for a field from that too. And just a suggestion but don't build trenches. They're a big hazard. Your best off sticking to tires are pallets, they're the easiest materials to get a hold of that make good obstacles. But also be very careful when using pallets as their often filled with exposed nails and or broken pieces that can cause some serious injury.
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