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Originally Posted by highny View Post
Since this is quite the cheap gun that comes with so many starter stuff, I was just wondering how I could make this gun unique, I want it to be one of a kind and not just anyone's gun, you get what I mean?

I also love the fact you use games workshop's paint, which army do you play? I play Tyranids .
I play Tau. Anyways.... The best way to make the gun unique is to find out what you want on the gun? Do you need rails?, if so there are hundreds of different rail sets and in differnt lengths. Do you need flash light? Surefire, Fenix, Wolf Eyes, and then do you have it with an intergrated handle or a quick detach? What type of optics do you want? RDS, Holo sight, Iron sights, there are endless combonations. Battery storage really changes the apperence. Since if you add a new stock you can now store the battey there or still in the fore grip or in a PEQ unit.

Look in the Media thread and look for the this is an M4/M16 thread it will give you some good ideas to start.
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