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Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
I really cannot believe how much advice this kid is getting, even from an age verifier who should know better.
Originally Posted by Rubs View Post
+1 on this one. My brother is sitting out and waiting until his 18 to play. He's 15 right now, and instead of buying guns and gear, he's looking at mine and learning from the tips I give him. He's mature enough to understand that these guns can be dangerous and there is reasons behind ASC has a limit on what age can play, this is not paintball.
I have played painball a few times and it is way more dangerous then AS... I can be on an AS field with shooting glasses and a BDU and all is good feel a pellet call hit.

Paintball well crap I get pelted with heaver ammo that hurts much more leaves welts

I do agree though still 18+ for buying guns (anywhere) but stores like cabellas and such don't abide by that... so the kids are getting em.. they will shoot them... where is up to us...

but yes I agree 18+

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