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Originally Posted by T-Hell View Post
I look at it this way.... People (under age - or otherwise) will play airsoft we can't control that right.....

Of course we can, this is our sport to protect and it is our right to.

so what we can control is their opinions of the "Airsoft community" and when these people get old enough they will either be part of or be apart from the community.
By showing them that we will not bend the rules for them no matter how creative or mature they play themselves off to be, this one isn't very mature as he's already displayed his spoiled brat attitude of "I'm gonna do it whether you like it or not

Please lets stop bashing underage players...
No one's bashing this guy, it's a stupid idea and he isn't the one responsible, you sound like you have a chip on your shoulder from being bashed yourself.

Remember that these folks will be the future field owners and suppliers etc and they will remember the treatment they received here.
Future field owners? learning patience is a valuable thing, having the discipline to wait would help build character

I agree that on an organized basis (ie with the MAA) 18+ is the way to go but I have played at Ambush Airsoft (an outdoor speedball field) there were 15 year olds on the field and they called their hits, played with honor and had lots of fun...
Sounds like fuckery to me, this Ambush thing, but thats just my opinion, some people will do anything for money

so please lets just stop..... stop bashing young players... they will play if they are going to play and there is really nothing we can do...
again no one bashed this guy, he's obviously not responsible for the health of people playing on his field, and too young to understand this. and YES we can do something, the same thing we have always done when someone wants to buy a gun underage, or play at an even underage, tell them NO!

instead of chasing them from our organizations we should welcome them in and show them the safe and proper way to do things... this way when they do turn 18 and continue to play we will not have to get bad traits out of them when they play with us eventually..
No one's chasing him, telling him that this isn't a good idea is not chasing him, if that isn't what he wants to hear then he can leave but no one told him to GTFO, about Bad Traits, what do you think we as experienced players do when we get new people? we fucking teach them the ropes, we don't depend on some retarded Airsoft "Little League" to teach them these skills, something like this Ambush thing only helps legitimize underage airsoft and is not a good thing at all.

so please folks lets act like the "PROFESSIONALS" we profess to be... so far when i see someone who is not AV'd here and is under age all i see is them being met with hostility.
Professionals? no one here gets paid to play airsoft, so I don't know where you are going with that, maybe because we use "Pro-grade" guns according to hehehhehe

the people who run the board opened it up (or sections of it) to -18's so if you don't want to deal with underage people then please confine yourself to the 18+ sections then there will be no need for you to be hostile...
Again, this community AS A WHOLE believes in the 18+ rule, this isn't something we just came up with to kill this kid's buzz

Remember Airsoft is a sport and a game... please treat it accordingly...
Correction, it's a growing sport and it doesn't need any unneccessary publicity or attention in this gun fearing country of ours, which is why we try to protect it from damage by those not responsible enough

I really cannot believe how much advice this kid is getting, even from an age verifier who should know better.

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