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Originally Posted by af122 View Post
speaking of building a field.some friends and i have been thinking about building some "forts" at the field we play on to change things up a bit. anyway i have talked to some ppl,and a by-law officer as well,about legallity of building in the bush and they have said it should be fine as long as were not destroying the place or on private property. does anyone else know the deal with that or should i go into city hall and find out from them?
If you're within city limits I don't think you're allowed a "secondary accessory structure" bigger than x amount of square feet (it may be 250 sq.ft. I really don't know). This is the by-law in Vancouver as I am more familiar with it but you should probably get some building permits, talk to a by-law officer, and get a structural assessment of the fort you're building (is it more like a "castle" kind of fort or a one story kind of thing?).
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