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Originally Posted by ABCD View Post
(in, they write: Muzzle Velocity: 280-300 FPS with 0.2g BBs)

what is the fps when i using 0.2 balls?
and out of the box, the FPS of the gun is 395?
or i need to change something?

and.. what do you think about this gun?
The Real Sword 56 and the 56-01, is Exactly the same thing? (Except the stock)
Using 0.2 G BB's both of my Real Swords shoot at 395 FPS on my chronograph.

This was out of the box.

Both are beautiful AEG's. They smell like guns. I appreciate the mix of wood and steel on the Real Swords. However, they are heavy; especially the Type 56.

The 56 and the 56-1 are slightly different. My 56 can use MAG AK waffle type mags without a hiccup. However, my 56-1 doesn't fire with them properly at all.

RS mid caps are expensive and hard to find in stock right now.
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Anyways, it's not my problem. Enjoy your overpriced shaving acessories.
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