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Originally Posted by Rukus View Post
I would recommend going to an already set up airsoft field where it is fully covered with the appropriate insurance so you cover your ass in case of an injury. I know, you know your buddies and they'd never screw you, but there is a soccer mom out there ready to pounce when her baby gets hurt, and in order for you and your family to be protected from being taken to the cleaners from an unfortunate mishap, or before you incur some stupid legal fees (they do happen nobody is immune) I would still recommend the age verified route. Not saying you would be irresponsible, but playing a game without the appropriate rules and legal stuff in place is like playing the lottery now a days. Someone loses and eye or sustains an injury we are in a sue everyone for what they are worth society now, not as bad as the states but it could still happen so save yourself and your family the grief.

Welcome to the complications of airsoft. I have 5 acres and I still am not going to open myself up to a potential law suite over a game. You can still have fun, just do it in the proper areas. Enjoy.
It's just for my friends and I'm also gonna make it as safe as I can just incase injuryies don't happen, I would only get insurance if I would open up a business!
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