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Originally Posted by acorn_giblet View Post
Well I think I have found a happy medium, The police said that it was fine as long as it was transported in a proper rifle case and the ammunition was stored separately, the TTC seem to basically be worried about people freaking out...

So: I'll be transporting the gun in a locked rifle case inside a snowboard bag. The bag is big enough to easily take a full-length oversize single rifle case. A snowboard case won't attract any attention and I am still complying with the law.

Ammo and batteries will be stored in whatever other bag I take with me.

I think that should do! No-one freaked out and if the police do get involved somehow there won't be any issues because I'm in compliance with the law.

Any thoughts?
The whole thing was already solved, albeit overlooked even at the time of posting...
Did anyone notice that this thread was a necro? Well, it's got good information so it's welcome I suppose.
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