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Film location needed

Hey folks,

I'm looking for a location to shoot a short film (teaser) for an upcoming feature I am directing and producing titled "RotKamp".

I'm looking for something that has an industrial/hospital feel, with cinder/gray type brick and preferably looks all deteriorated on the exterior, however not looking like it is being demolished. I am more concerned with the exterior than the interior. Ground floor windows are a must, and if they are broken/dirty... even better.

I will need access (preferably legal) to the interior however.

Room for about 10 cars needed.

I have already scoured the Ghost Towns of Ontario website. I have already tried to procure the Picton location.

I have a very minimal budget for this as it is self-funded.

If anyone knows of a location that I can visit, preferably within the GTA... please email me ASAP at

On a side note, I am still seeking about 7 - 10 nazi zombies. Ideally "around" 5'10" and slim build. If you have your own period gear... awesome, again email me with interest.

Thanks in advance.

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