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Never had any fitment issues with Krakens, front ends slide into both TM, JG and Cyma plastic bodies, same with batt. trays and gearboxes, some issues with Element metal bodies though, but those have issues with all brands of Gearboxes tho, no issues going onto a Cyma metal body either, I'd have to say they are 100% compatible with TM and it's clones.

as for Lycaons they are absolute crap, the slither stock is pot metal and will break, the gun is underpowered (at least mine was) and the hopup is really shitty.

the Broxa isn't much better but it is better than the Lycaon though, and I'm sure someone will post that retarded Broxa torture test youtube vid which seems to pop up everytime that gun is mentioned, silly noobz
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