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Originally Posted by Mentosice View Post
10.8 volt battery wont damage your gun, i run a 12 volt batterry in my classic army i have shot over 130k bb and it never broke. All whats gonna happen is there will be big increse of your rof. shooting more faster = wear faster since you shoot more bb but its not thats bad like most people that havent tryed it and talk shit about it.

Note: i have a systema magnum motor in my gun and a systema m120 spring witch shoot 398-400 fps stable.
So true, ppl just get on the bandwagon about things that they haven't tried (in many cases not all) every AK Gearbox I've owned, Cyma, Dboys and JG has never been shimmed, run completely stock with regular 8.4 or 9.6 batteries and I've NEVER EVER EVER had any of them break on me,

people love to jump in and be like "Oh you should get your gun shimmed right out of the box" which is just retarded IMO and not necessary at all (at least on v3 boxes)

Originally Posted by Roko View Post
Increase in battery power typically increases your rate of fire by a noticable amount. Your FPS may go up, but don't expect a 300FPS to jump to 370FPS. You'll get a small boost (more power going through it).
WRONG, as for increased battery power increasing FPS, wtf is that shit, so the extra voltage magically inscreases the tension on the AEG spring, transforming it from a SP110 to SP150?

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