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All replicas have parralax issues. The only one without them is the real thing because of the fact it's a laser-generated hologram rather than a reflected RDS. That being said, Hurricane is the best of the replicas.

I own a 2nd generation Huang (G&P) 552, a Hurricane 552, a Bushnell Holosight (EOTech 502), and EOTech 552. For the price, the Huang one is good, although has some serious reticle visibility problems in bright sunlight. Otherwise, the optics are great and parallaxing is not severe and no ghosting issues. The Hurricane has a bright reticle that's easily visible in any lighting condition. Has less parallax than the Huang, but has ghosting on higher settings. And its reticle is very very "fat" compared to the real thing. The down side of the Hurricane is the further away it is from the eye, the more the reticle looks like a peanut than a circle, so if you like the sight on a front rail rather than a receiver, this is a bad choice. I don't even need to comment on the real thing. They're vastly superior to any replica in every way.

But for airsoft, I think paying $500+ for a real EOTech is serious overkill and unecessary. A Hurricane will more than fit the needs of most players. And if you primarily play indoors, the Huang will be a perfect choice, especially considering the price.
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