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Hmm.... I'm pretty sure there was a thread on scopes somewhere here.

Anyways a RDS (Red Dot Sight) is probably the best general use type of sight for stock and mildly upgraded.

Eotech/Doctor style sights are better for CQB as I'm told for easy target acquisition or something.

Aimpoints and zooming scopes should be used with heavily upgraded guns, sniper rifles, and BA (Bolt Action) rifles. Even then 4x is usually the max zoom you want to go before it becomes too unwieldy.

You can get scopes from pretty much any hunting store or outdoors stores like Canadian Tire, no one will look down on you for using a "civilian" scope (at least I think they won't). I believe there is a Tasco RDS for sale at Canadian Tire for like $25-30.

EDIT: I personally use an RDS for everything since my gun is one of those mildly upgraded guns that's perfect for an RDS and my style of play.
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