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Originally Posted by Frozen Tex View Post
ACOGS, Aimpoints, Eotechs...
Those are not scopes.

If you want a magnification factor that will be usefull, don't go beyong 4x. Ajustable hunting scope are generally 3x to 9x. We generally use the 3x setting to shoot.

If you play indoor, you don't need a scope. You probably be more effective with a red-dot. Those have no magnification and allow for a better field of view.

I use an Aimpoint for my CQB weapon. It's about 100$ for a good replica.
A good scope for outdoor will cost you about 130$ if you go into a respectable brand like Bushnell. For these type of scope, you need to consider the lense quality first. You could pay less and have more bells and wisles, but you won't see shit out of your scope. Like in a Tasco.

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