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In the last skirmish game I played I was hiding in the overgrowth, sort of covering our teams side. Heard a member from the other team slowly crunching towards me, so I waited.

Got to the point where he was maybe 3-4 meter away from me, but still hadn't spotted me so at this point I yelled out something to the effect of "Might as well call Mercy or I'm gonna shoot ya!"

His response?

Throw one of the home-made BB grenades we use at me. From a 4 meter distance.

Tried to get away, but it didn't help I was stuck in the fucking bush.

Thing went off a foot away from me. Oddly enough no BB's hit me, they just made a small crater and all went in there.

Apparently the guy didn't hear me call out, to his defense he did have a headset on. I still think Crunch is a bastard though.


Just remembered another one, which could of gone horribly wrong.

I picked up a M203 recently, and a week ago got three grenades for it. When they arrived I filled all three up with just propane to make sure they were working. No problems.

Then went and filled one with BB's/propane to see how all this crap functions. Fired it off in the backyard, no problems all works well.

So I've got all three of them sitting on my coffee table, I'm sitting on my couch playing the 360, and my 52" flatscreen is on the other side of this said coffee table.

I pick up one of the grenades to take a look at it, and notice the little bit on the bottom isn't going in when I press it but think nothing of it.

Keep on playing for another couple minutes (scrolling through text in the game) when suddenly the fucking thing just goes off in my hand. Apparently I refilled the grenade with propane and forgot about it somehow. If I had been dumb enough to fill it with BB's and forget about it, I'd be down one bigscreen TV.

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