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- white lithium grease (in a tube from Can Tire) - used on gears, orings, everything but electrical switch

- Superlube/Viperlube - used on gears, orings, everything but electrical switch. Seems ok but pretty "light" far, so good

- StickyG Gear and Cylinder grease ( - excellent stuff...little containers go a long, long way. Gear grease (MSO2) is "dirty"

- silicone oil for GBBs

- "real" oil for steel parts...they'll rust pretty quick after a wet game

- tear your rifle down once a year and check it all out...twice a year if you play indoor with the same rifle (i.e. in fall in prep for spring in prep for outdoor)....remember, chrony to be sure of what your rifle is shooting at with 0.20's

- as mentioned...check over each screw/piece before each game to ensure that things are tight.

- clean barrel as needed (best way is to take it out and remove from hopup...but that's more of a pain for some AEGs than others).
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