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Originally Posted by Cirabeau View Post
What about the locals getting together and sponsoring their own field? if there's enough of you, everyone pitch in on a rented building or such, and do what larry is doing, only with out the steep prices and stupidity. I know it might not be feasible, but it's an idea at least.
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least favorite airsofter? the kind that sneak up real real close and unload on you, the unload on you again when you call HIT and stand up.
Do you how expensive land and rent is in Calgary?

And we have plenty of outdoor fields and even private ones that are cheap enough. I'd love a winter game when it's -40. Bundle up more and that means you don't get hurt by bbs at 425+ FPS. Wear some waterproof clothing and boots and you can lie in the snow for an hour.

As far as renting or creating a facility, the local clubs are too splintered here in Calgary to get something organized that involved that much cost. There are a lot of strange divisions or grudges and private groups running their own things that don't want to have anything to do with each other and it puzzles me greatly. I think everybody should just get together and try to get along so we can all have bigger numbers and better turnout to all games. Airsoft drama is ridiculous. Most of us are grown adults, Lasertrek provides an indoor facility that I know a lot of Calgary airsofters enjoy. There are hundreds of people that only play at Trek. That's fine. I just don't like misinformation given to new players when this is such a fringe and fragile sport as it is...and especially in this town where there seems to be a lot of division between the two largest airsoft groups for no real tangible reason that I can see.

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