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Originally Posted by BrokenBird View Post
Is there a sticky somewhere about proper gun maintenance? If not there should be.

It would be great for us noobs, that you old farts (I am a very young 40 years old) explain what kind of maintenance should be done on our guns.

Those toys cost a lot of money and I guess we all want to keep them running for a while, and as with anything maintenance is the key. So please, list down the tips and tricks. Et peut-être avec des trucs en français aussi pour ceux qui on de la misère avec l'anglais.

Thanks. Merci.
Well I'm no old fart, but in addition to what the guy above mentioned about general maint, please keep in mind WHERE you play. If you're indoors in a dry and clean environment and you pull an "oops" when it comes to cleaning your inner barrel once a month, it probably won't be a big deal. If you spend most of your time outdoors, and in doing so, I would imagine it's safe to say it would be a somewhat dusty environment then I would clean your barrel out after each game. Some may find that extreme, but taking 2-3 minutes after each game to clean out your inner barrel can save you some grief down the road. Depending on your inner barrels bore you may never see a jam due to foreign materials in there, but non-the-less it's a good idea. By the way, depending on your AEG you most likely got a long rod with it, one end is cut on an angle and the other probably looks like it has a slit cut into it for putting something. You can wrap some cotton or non-abrasive material in and around that slot, put a bit of silicone oil (100% free of petroleum) and run it up and down the inner a few times. Make sure when you do this, your hopup is dialed ALL the way back, same rule applies for BB jams too.

I also like to check the tension on all and any screws on the body of any AEGs I own as in the past I've had a few vibrate out and lost them in the field. It's sounds minor, but again, saves you the hassle later right? Ones that I have had trouble with are on the G&Gs being sold now in Canada with the retractable stocks. There is a lever on the stock, in which a screw runs through and that screw is capped off with a circular nut for lack of a better term which is held in place by another screw which uses a small allen key to tension. Make sure it's on there firmly.

After each game, make sure to remove your MAG from the gun, along with your battery. Prior to removing the battery, point your AEG in a safe direction (i.e. away from everyone) and dry fire it 2-3 times in SEMI auto. This in theory should reset the spring so to speak so it isn't sitting drawn back in your gun. You want your piston to sit all the way forward in the cylinder when not in use. Just prolongs the quality and health of your spring.

May seem like a contradiction to the above mentioned, but aside from "clearing" your AEG, don't dry fire it. This is hard on the internals, and life is hard enough as it is for an AEG. Don't make it harder.

Try and avoid prolonged periods of FULL AUTOMATIC firing. Again, prolongs the internals.

Again, as mentioned above, once every year you should have a gun doc, OR yourself if you are comfortable enough, open up the actual mech-box (gearbox, whatever you want to call it) and clean out the old grease, and grease it up again. Check the shimming and look for any wear and tear in key areas, like the teeth on the piston and gears. Good plan to look at the teeth on your motor as well.

If you run into any problems with your AEG, don't try and force it to work. If you're not too sure, ask on here and someone will be glad to offer up some experienced advice.

Anyway, all stuff I do personally but you don't have too. I'm sure someone can add to this too.

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