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My Jing Gong AK-47 AEG keeps shooting 2 BBs at once in single shot mode!

I'm pretty new to airsoft. I just got a Jing Gong AK-47 (it is the wood, folding stock version, model number: ak47s). It only costs about $110, so it isn't spectactular, but it is really accurate and shoots at 350, so I can't complain to much for the price. However, I just started having an issue with it shooting 2 bbs at once while in single shot mode. It didn't do this at first, now it seems to get worse and worse.

I have run about 3000 or so rounds through it. Does it need to be lubed in a specific place? Note: I have not lubed the gun at all yet, but I do have the silicon spray. Also, the magazine is a 600 round high cap wind up mag. It seems to perform very well and I have never had any issues with it yet.

So does anyone know what I need to do to fix this problem? It is literally doing this like every other shot now, and it is driving me insane!

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