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Originally Posted by Mitchell12 View Post
Ugh, They don't understand Joules so they say it's dumb :/

They also say it's only used for airsoft :P
Yeah I thought the same. I didn't understand why they didn't know what Joules are. I was like... eh... never been to school ?


Originally Posted by kullwarrior View Post
Orange tip problem has been brought out by both side of the fence. *Kids paint their orange tip black and aim at the cops got shot dead, *Criminal paint their firearm WITH orange tip and rack up a few casualties before cop shot him (can't remember when, but I do remember it happened) Clear Reciever. *People can paint it black and few people would know the difference *Good luck criminals to get your gun reciever into a clear one.....(speaking of which, if they can do it, why not just make their own automatics? ) Eventhough I hate the clear reciever I do understand how people's point of view came from. I really hope there's laws enact to really force the age limit into 18+ and I hope a membership/ licensing system does happen. Also they should put airsoft guns categorize as low-kinetic firearms since it does cause harm. When I say low kinetic, I meant transporting, displaying, and crimes would be treated as a firearm. Also place the new category legal to discharge in private property, as well as certified field/ centre. Although some might say Im restricting our hobby more, but it once the membership system is up and the laws treat it as a firearm there's less arguement for keeping the black airsoft guns banned. There would be less reasons as why criminals would bother smuggling airsoft or getting license when firearms are easier to obtain and get access to. Finally we could see more idiotic media claiming airsoft guns can be easily converted into firearms opcorn: just like in the 1980s when media claim Glock pistol can get past metal detector security...
Oh yeah, I really hope that a legislation gets set-up to restrict and impose a membership/licensing system. That would be acceptable for any point of view.
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