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Originally Posted by Tyrano View Post
Gotta love the canadian law that considers airsoft to be a real menace to society. The new clearsoft guns with tinted receivers (especially the ones that are tinted black) make the gun look exactly like the real deal, and you have to be 5 meters away and know stuff about guns to tell the difference, especially since we don't force the orange tip. This makes the law ridiculous, having to cut down on the quality of the receiver for nothing, while also wasting time and money imposing sentences on honest people who are nowhere near criminals. This also has the effect of significantly raising the price of airsoft guns in Canada and slowing down the progress of this sport. Why not ban clearsoft too while we're at it?, they can be sprayed in black in less than a minute. Makes no sense.

And that's why I don't vote for "liberals" who seem to think honest citizens are a danger for themselves. Firearms act? Useless, money-consuming, non-working Registry System? No thanks.

It is only a matter of time before black tinted clearsoft guns make the news, get bashed by media stupidity and that airsoft gets restricted even further. I can see it coming already: "Airsoft promotes war and violence". They almost banned paintball in Germany because it supposedly "encouraged violence".

Wow, I sound really apocalytpic.

/politics off

Orange tip problem has been brought out by both side of the fence.
*Kids paint their orange tip black and aim at the cops got shot dead,
*Criminal paint their firearm WITH orange tip and rack up a few casualties before cop shot him (can't remember when, but I do remember it happened)

Clear Reciever.
*People can paint it black and few people would know the difference
*Good luck criminals to get your gun reciever into a clear one.....(speaking of which, if they can do it, why not just make their own automatics? )

Eventhough I hate the clear reciever I do understand how people's point of view came from.

I really hope there's laws enact to really force the age limit into 18+ and I hope a membership/ licensing system does happen. Also they should put airsoft guns categorize as low-kinetic firearms since it does cause harm. When I say low kinetic, I meant transporting, displaying, and crimes would be treated as a firearm. Also place the new category legal to discharge in private property, as well as certified field/ centre.

Although some might say Im restricting our hobby more, but it once the membership system is up and the laws treat it as a firearm there's less arguement for keeping the black airsoft guns banned. There would be less reasons as why criminals would bother smuggling airsoft or getting license when firearms are easier to obtain and get access to. Finally we could see more idiotic media claiming airsoft guns can be easily converted into firearms opcorn: just like in the 1980s when media claim Glock pistol can get past metal detector security...
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