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Originally Posted by Ayashifx55 View Post
You should of checked the "STICKIES" first. Theres a reason why there are stickies and MUST READS.

In summary, first.


Send one of the guys a PM , ask them how and when you can get verified ... Please keep in mind, these guys are doing it VOLUNTEERLY. Dont complain about the speed of the process. We all have a life

Then, you will have access to CLASSIFIED section in this forum, which allows you to buy guns that are not transparent , already imported to canada ... so you don't have to worry about anything. Expect the prices to be 3-4 times higher than USA airsoft. Though , canadian airsoft players are rare ... that`s why we look cooler than americans do.

The guns you see in the shops are plastic low-grade crap that are not even considered as airsoft , maybe air-feather? but thats why they are sold in shops .... The only way around , from what i know , is online or local.

There are store fronts that do carry quality AEG's And GBB's. Maybe not where you live, But around here There are Many players with locally bought quality Aeg's. The store follows a Strict 18+ ID policy, so if you younger no go. If your 18 + you can look, hold, feel and ask experienced players questions about the sport and guns. Great way to see if that m-16 is too big for you or if you want something bigger than a Glock27.
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