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I'm only posting because the pictures in that link don't emphasize the key points;

1. Before you even pick up the rifle - take your left hand and using your index and middle finger, find the "hollow" spot between your pectoral muscle and your shoulder. Just below the collar bone, but not on it. This is the "sweet spot" for the stock.

2. Pick up your rifle with your right hand on the pistol grip, shouldering the stock in the position you found in step 1.

3. Your left hand should be gripped around the foregrip running along the length of the barrel. You can adjust your left hand position either forward or back for comfort. Make sure your right arm isn't doing the "chicken wing", your elbow should be down by our rib cage.

4. Now pull the rifle towards you so it's nice and snug. I think you'll prefer your left hand on the mag well or using a vert grip. I personally do this as opposed to using the handguard as I find it lets me pull the rifle in nice and tight, leading to less recoil. Not an issue here w/ airsoft, but it's still a good principle to follow.

You should be able to hold this position for awhile, if not you either;

a) Have a physiological defect/injury preventing you from performing the task without pain; or

b) Are not physically strong enough to properly use the rifle/AEG. I don't know how old you are (not AV'd), so if you are twelve this isn't an issue, if you are 18+ time to hit the gym.

The "target thingy on top of the gun" are called "sights", lining up the front and rear sight enables the operator to accurately put rounds downrange.

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