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Some games are camo restricted, others are not. These days, most games are splitting teams via either digital vs analog patterns or green based camo vs tan based camo with non-green and non-tan being desiganted onto which ever team at the game admins discretion. Each game may will be different so no one other than the game admin can tell you what you have to have. Typically, civilian sporting camo patterns are frowned upon as airsoft has it's roots in the milsim aspect of the sport. There shouldn't be any reason why you couldn't get a set of woodland or three color desert or OD or anything else military based or go for the contractor look. I haven't heard of too many games that are that restrictive though there are a few.

Mag limits and reloading rules can vary from game to game. Real/Low caps are always allowed at any game I've ever heard of, mid and high caps may be resticted in their use or the number that can be used. FPS limits are fairly close across the country, but you have to check with the game admin for sure. Remember, the fps limit is just that, a limit. It is not a goal.
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