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Originally Posted by MrSmiley View Post
-Finally and of course, not taking hits. Like what goes through their heads afterwards, "man that was so sick smoking those 3 dude, I only got hit twice", or do they not even think about it. Take some names down, suspend them from games if possible. I wouldn't think there's any place for having to wait weeks or months for a game, and shoot some pecker that doesn't want to "die". Lord knows I wouldn't look forward to dealing with that in future games
Jesus, couldn't agree more.

That and people seem to think more and more that it's acceptable to not call a hit if you aren't 100% sure it hit you. Like if it hits you in a loose spot of your BDU, and you mistake it for a branch hitting you, yet someone is clearly shooting at you and there's a few BBs laying still on the ground before your feet. At that point, you can pretty much assume that you've been hit. Airsoft isn't an innocent until proven guilty game. If you're being shot at, felt something hit you, but you still aren't 100% sure, it's usually best to just assume that you've been hit. It's not the end of the world if there's no respawn/medic rules. I'm sure there's going to be more than one game that day.

The other kind of people that I hate are the "Down but not dead" people. You know, the ones waiting on a medic? In the games I go to, If you're lying there for 5 minutes and there's virtually no chance in hell a medic will arrive to respawn you, just go back to your base, wait a few minutes, then respawn. If you've been hit, though, you're not officially dead yet. The enemy has to come up to you and take your kill card, then you go back to your base, and respawn. Kill cards are basically used for scoring, and nothing agitates me more then when I'm looking someone dead in the eyes that I've hit, and it's a clear path that I can go take their kill card, and they get up and walk away because it's been 5 minutes. If there's any sort of engagement threat, especially one that has the potential to take your kill card, you shouldn't be getting up just because it's been 5 minutes. The enemy earned your kill card, and you're now just screwing with the points system.

I also have a huge thing against the people that play in the forest, but refuse to leave the path and venture into the shrub to create and ambush point. Instead, they just want to be open targets. Their reasoning? They don't want to have to wrestle with the branches to get through or don't want to get a thorn bush in the leg. Seriously, a BB hit hurts a bit more then a thorn bush. Unless you laid on the thorn bush, anyway.

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