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Originally Posted by MrSmiley View Post
-"Elitists". Many people have used the word "Elitist" in this thread and I don't know if I'd agree with context it was used in(at least for most of the people I saw refered to as such). It seems kind of demeaning to go around saying "oh he try's hard, he's an elitist". I don't see anything wrong with buying sick equipment or having high expectations of yourself.....
You don't actually see this quite as often anymore. It was really prominent back before anything of acceptable quality was coming out of China (beit guns, equipment, whatever). Back then (and we're only talking a few years back), it really DID cost at least $1,000 to get into airsoft if you didn't want equipment that would last a single game. When people would come to complain that their $200 crappy gun or $50 tac vest broke after a single game, experienced players would say "Man, that's a piece of shit, what you should have bought was _____". Those experienced players would often get labelled "elitists" because they refused to use shitty equipment.

It's not quite as common now, at least not where guns are concerned (you still have the occaisonal PTW snob around), because China guns like JG and CYMA have increased quality to around "acceptable" standards. You still get people that won't touch cheap guns, but I wouldn't call them elitists, rather just a preference for better equipment.

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