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I can't believe I read the whole thing.

I'll make this quick as I'm newb and I'm pretty much just supporting what others have said with a few thoughts of my own

-*Quote* ToTaL_oWnAgE"

#2 People who piss and moan about CBSA and the government making airsoft hard to buy, but never have the balls to do anything about it. If your gonna piss and moan about it, Write it down, Put it in a fricken envelope, put a stamp on it and address it to the minister of justice or someone like that. Pissing and moaning on here does nothing.

You don't like it, do something aboot it

-Complaining about complaining about getting hit. Yeah it probably hurts getting hit in the wrong places, so I'm gunna say ow if I feel the need to. Anything further than that though I'm right there with you

-Pros hating on the players, and the players hating on pros(if you catch my drift). We all don't conform to the same ideals. If I want some common ground I find the people who share it with me. You don't like public games? Write a speach maybe you'll convert a couple or better yet, just have a good time playing however you enjoy it and people might be drawn to it. No one's gunna do anything if you're all pissing each other off

-"Elitists". Many people have used the word "Elitist" in this thread and I don't know if I'd agree with context it was used in(at least for most of the people I saw refered to as such). It seems kind of demeaning to go around saying "oh he try's hard, he's an elitist". I don't see anything wrong with buying sick equipment or having high expectations of yourself. It's when you pass those expectations on to everyone else that defines you as an asshole(imo) or as some would say, an "elitist". Of course this is just my opinion that's formulated from everything I've read thus far, remember I'm a nub and I'll stand to be corrected

-Assholes. You don't have to be good to be a dickhead. I read multiple post here about ignoring other players. If someone's doing something wrong; getting merked too fast, not hitting anything, or even if he's just asking a question, shit's not gunna get better by not helping him. What's the worst that could happen, he doesn't listen? Least then you can say you told him what to do and he still didn't do it. And hey if someone doesn't want to talk with me because I don't have my camo or something yet, they can go right ahead and not watch me care less

-Finally and of course, not taking hits. Like what goes through their heads afterwards, "man that was so sick smoking those 3 dude, I only got hit twice", or do they not even think about it. Take some names down, suspend them from games if possible. I wouldn't think there's any place for having to wait weeks or months for a game, and shoot some pecker that doesn't want to "die". Lord knows I wouldn't look forward to dealing with that in future games

Wow that wasn't quick at all.
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