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Originally Posted by yuhaoyang View Post
No one will say that anyone under 18 should get a gun here, but I'll answer your questions anyways?
007 sells the CAS and the regular (toptech) versions, the CAS version is cheaper and uses cheaper, but still pretty nice metal, the toptech version uses the standard metal that G&G toptech guns use; the internals are exactly the same apart from the differing 6.08 and 6.04 inner barrels.
And you can't import full guns or recievers (the part where the action of the gun is) from anywhere, overseas or from the USA. Cansoft guns aren't double the price?
Thank you, I can't really say I expected anyone to take me seriously.

The reason I said that is because i compared the price of a KJW M92F to Airsoft G.I., and it was way cheaper, plus the airsoft GI one was full metal, and this was not.

On that note, are KJW good guns?
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