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Well, here comes my newbie questions. Please help!

So, the first thing I'm going to say is that I am not 18. Please dont tell me to wait and get age verified, and I know that theres the thing about "instant gratification" but 13 months is a bit long.

Now, moving on. I know that nobody in classifieds will deal with me due to my age, and I will only be able to work with big retailers. The only one that i have found so far that is anywhere near me (I live in Edmonton) is 007 airsoft. I emailed Ken Cheung already, so hopefully I get a response. However, truth be told, his prices seem really steep, so Im looking for an alternative. (My intent was to do this physically in Calgary, as i will be heading to the rockies to golf soon, yay!)

Now I have read a couple posts that have said something about retailers from Asia being reasonably easy to import from. I wanted to know if there is any truth to this. Furthermore, I was looking around on Airsoft GI, and many of their guns had orange tips. If i were to import one of these, would this fail miserably, and if so, why? Don't orange tips designate them as a non-firearm replica?

Any further advice on how I can obtain a decent gun without having to pay double the price would be excellent.

Many thanks,
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