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Originally Posted by EastCoastAirsoft View Post
Im done here I see the corruption is all the way to the top here.

Keep making everyone think its impossible rip them off im done trying anymore, you can delete my forum account if you want you will never hear anything from me again.

But at least stop spreading lies about my site saying I am scamming or going to take your money and run

All payments go thru paypal so thats impossible.
Many many many scammers use Paypal, so its not impossible. Once the account the funds are transfered to is emptied, Paypal usually says sorry nothing we can do to refund you till money reappears in the account.

You obviously do not want to listen or read the FAQ's and Laws that have been recorded, proven and provided.

Thanks for visiting. And goodbye.

Side note: To people thinking about ignoring whats been said here in this thread, please note he's been lucky to date not getting caught. Once he does his company will be on a watch list (hence why well known sites like Redwolf Airsoft state they will not ship guns to Canada), seizures will start to happen. It's your money in the long run and you can chance it. But keep in mind your name is on the package too, so watch list happens to you as well. So please if you do order and get caught, do not come here bitching afterwards.

Originally Posted by EastCoastAirsoft View Post
And I see all of the bribes are in so the Canadian retailers did a good job.
Lol Bribes? I've been a "staff" member here for about 5 years, and have yet to see any form of payment. All "staff" positions are volunteer.
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