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Originally Posted by EastCoastAirsoft View Post
P.S. now my other thread is closed? The corruption continues...
No your other thread is closed due to forum rules. If you took some time to read the FAQ's and our rules regarding retailler status (which if you checked we have several international retaillers on this site). You failed to do so, and not only was your other thread removed, but you received a warning regarding it.

Failure to tell the truth and make an accusation here like that here and you'll get caught, like you just did.

Take some time and actually read the laws here in Canada. You have been lucky that you've gotten guns across the border, once you do get caught though the CBSA will have your company on a watch list and more seizures will start. At that point hopefully you'll be prepared for the rush of refund and quarantee replies/requests/complaints.
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