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Now im not a reputable buisness? Amos what are you like 10 I have a buisness licence, reseller permit, the company is Incorporated so I dont know how you can say its not real. Look it up.

And I can give you the list of customers from canada who successfully got their items, well over 100 orders, but you wouldnt beleive it... you guys think you know everything thats cool too.

I was just trying to offer a cheaper alternative, but I guess the airsoft community is alot more arogant than us in the US and scare away the cheap competition so they can rip everyone off. Nice how that works.

And we could have a 100% guarantee but then that would be lieing. But hey I guess all the stuff I say is a lie to you all anyway to who cares.

Thanks for showing how unsupported Canadians are for the sport of airsoft. Just sad.

P.S. now my other thread is closed? The corruption continues...
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