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Lol... Every couple months we get a small time retailer from the states that thinks because he got a couple guns past the boarder that he knows how things work...

You're probably not a legitimate registered buisness, and you're probably shipping via the same way people sending packages to other people (Public shipping depots, instead of buisness only shipping depots) are doing. This means your packages are simply getting over-looked at the boarder..

You're simply getting lucky, What you're doing can cause one hell of a lot of problems for anyone that you're shipping to. If it gets opened and seized, the person it's addressed to is subject to potential black-listing, fines and all sorts of other crazy things.

Your "1% seizure" claim is absolute bullshit, way to pull a number out of your ass. I highly doubt you've shipped enough guns to Canada to even get a realistic number.

Second of all...

Lol... AirsoftCanada isn't a reputable source because they want you to buy from their overpriced store? Uh... ASC hasn't sold guns in over 3 years and has no plans on selling guns anytime soon.

I also like your "pay me 25% more" guarantee.. Very nice

I wish you luck in your endeavors, and I really hope no Canadian citizen has to face the wrath of the CBSA because of you
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