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fall down Laughing

This past season while playing at Soldier Gear indoor. The owner pulled out his rocket launcher that fires those NERF stly football rockets. By Chance I pulled the highest card and got the honour of using it during a game. A teammate and myself crept down a dark hall looking for a occupied building to fire it at. Across the field I see enemy making thier way through a corridor with windows. I quickly raise the launcher and roughly point that direction across the field. BOOM off it goes straight as hell across the courtyard through a window and square in the balls of an ememy player. It was at least 50' away. I see him hit the ground in pain and I pulled myself out of the game as I couldnt keep from laughing. Million dollar shot.

Best grenade:
A teammate tossed a tornado into the house on the farm. 3-4 enemy run from the grenade that lands at there feet. After 20 seconds or so with no detonation we hear them all disscusing what to do with it. the conversation went something like this
Enemy 1: what is it
enemy 2: tornado grenade throw it back at them.
enemy 3: dont touch it
enemy 4: maybe it was a dud kick it into the other room
enemy 2: I am not kicking it, you kick it
enemy 1: Dont worry I kick it in to the bathroom
enemy 3: No dont touch (BOOOM) it....

goes off in the hall and takes them all out.

Personally I have cleared rooms with canned soup, Beans or anything else found the same shape as a grenade. Nothing better than shouting GRENADE! and tossing a can of something through the door, then watching enemy scramble from Deadly Campbells chicken noodle soup.
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