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Originally Posted by Dart View Post
just reading some reviews on those zippy packs, your only looking at about 30-50 cycles from them.
As you said, that is regarding RC planes where you'd effectively have to fire full auto for the entire time before the bat dies, 30 times. Which is a LOT of fire.

I've dumped close to 10,000rnds in a year on this battery, and it's still going strong. I have another in case this one goes.

Originally Posted by lemegacool View Post
+1000 to that i use RHINO zippy batteries as well... hell they are cheaper than nimh... i got a big 7.4 3500mah for like 25$

plus "airsoft brand" batteries are usually only rated 15c, rhino batteries are 20c and i got a 25c

I have a friend with a 7.4 5000mah in a RPK, and he hasn't charged the battery in 6months, still going strong. This is NOT the best way to treat Lipo batteries, but it does say something about them.

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